Welcome to Calvary Kids!

Calvary Kids is a Christ-centered, energetic, and engaging atmosphere where kids can worship and learn about God. Our services consist of energetic worship, prayer, in depth Bible lessons, crafts, and games. Calvary Kids is led by Sister Jennifer and her team.

Our classes are as follows:

Sunday Morning: 

  • Calvary Kids (ages 3-11) with Sis. Jennifer, Sis. Brandy, Sis. Patricia, Sis. Jessica, and Sis. Peyton. 

Sunday Evenings:

  • Calvary Kids Jr (ages 3-6) with Sis. Sandra or Sis. Elisabeth.
  • Calvary Kids (ages 7-11) with Sis. Leviticus. 

Wednesday Evenings: 

  • Calvary Kids Jr (ages 3-6) with Sis. Taylor, Sis. Savannah, and Sis. Amanda.